Harrison Volunteer Fire Department Boot Drive
By FireFighter Michael Gentile
March 28, 2023

The Harrison Volunteer Fire Department will be holding a boot drive in the community we protect and serve. On Saturday, April 22nd from 8am till 4pm members will be strategically placed throughout the fire district to raise money for the Harrison Volunteer Fire Department. As we are a volunteer, non profit organization, funding for many of our events and activities comes out of a municipality authorized budget. However this budget is only approved to provide for the basic necessities like emergency vehicle maintenance, tools, gear and equipment and facility upkeep. This does not cover basic necessities for meals, living quarters amenities and events to boost moral health and welfare of our volunteer firefighters. Oftentimes money is taken out of the pockets of our volunteers to acquire things such as adequate office materials, fire department apparel like cold weather gear, furniture and entertainment media such as televisions, pool tables, kitchenware, and most importantly adequate food supply for members during rotating shifts through the months. A boot drive is oftentimes held in a community to help offset the cost of these necessities. This event benefits those who voluntarily make a dangerous effort to protect you. A volunteer firefighter could live right next door, or in your same apartment building. Help us help you by donating to the Harrison residents that dedicate our lives to ensure your lives are safe at all times!